An essential part of a healthy lifestyle is a great oral health; an influential role in quality of life. Optimum Care Dental Family Plan can help you maximize your family's oral health while minimizing your dental care expenses. As a fact, people with dental coverage are more likely to visit their dentist regularly. Secure a dental family plan for your family and uncover your dental benefits.

  • Full mouth examination for all family members
  • One Scaling & Polishing session for each family member
  • 15% off any dental procedure done through the year
  • Additional routine examination after 6 months with 50% off Scaling & Polishing
  • Discount Coupons for a range of cosmetic procedures
  • Submit your application before 31 January 2016

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Protecting Your Family’s
Oral Health

Is a Dental Family Plan the right choice for you and your family?

Making the decision to secure dental coverage for your family is the right choice, as people with dental coverage exhibit healthier behaviors and better oral health.

Dental Family Plan 2016

E£ 800 Annually