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"My last treatment was cleaning my teeth & removing calculus In the past I wasn't go to dentist regularly unless there is pain or teeth need to be filled or removed When I came to Optimium Care Dental Clinic for the first time, Dr Heba Ammar drew my attention to the importance of cleaning my teeth & removing the calculus every 6 months & how much it is destructive if I didn't do this, also she taught me the best way to brush my teeth properly. I always feel so comfortable when I come here, it is really very accurate, clean, fast treatment, Dr Heba Ammar is trustworthy and an honest doctor. The clinic is always clean & good equipped. The staff is amazing and organized..."

– Ragy, Cairo

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"One of the best in Cosmetic Dentistry"

"I replaced the old black filling with a new white one. It has come out to be perfect, no-one even me can tell that there's a filling in that tooth, also, my son had broken his front tooth. Dr Heba fixed it with composite and it lasted for three years till now, looking exactly like the original tooth. Moreover, he bites carrots on it normally!! I do recommend Dr Heba Ammar for doing cosmetic restorations, I can confidently say she is one of the best in Cosmetic Dentistry..."

– Elham, Cairo